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Rayvolt Bike SL is a limited company established in Barcelona (Spain) under our sole ownership. The company is in change of the brand management, marketing, design and engineering as well as taking care of the domestic market. We choose Barcelona as a hub due to its dynamism, pool of talent and culture.


The Rayvolt bikes are born the heart and mind of its creator, Mathieu Rauzier, 40 years old. His original career has nurtured the project. A genius, after being a photographer in San Francisco, skipper and web designer in Barcelona, he obtained a degree in naval engineering.

He applies his talents to yacht design and surfing, his passion. Creator of a brand of paddle surf boards, reference in the global industry, designs the electric bicycle of your dreams, ecological, elegant, combining a miticulous design and high technology.

Together with other passionate collaborators, the visionary designer has made Rayvolt a dynamic company of ten employees with an office in Barcelona and a global distribution network.


We are a team of enthusiastic workers. Our crew is forme from engineers and designers to marketing, management and public reltion staff. We all work hard to offer customers and users the best and mos efficient electric and clean transport solutions.

Mathieu Rauzier

Forerunner of the project and co-founder of the company. Particularly interested in design, it deals with product lines as well as accessories. He is in charge of marketing and development.

Jaime Pla

Co-founder of Rayvolt and CTO chief of Technical Office, is in charge of the choice of materials, mechanics, electronics and industrial organization. He is Rayvolt's technology.

Ying Zhang

Director of Operations of Rayvolt. He speaks four languages, is responsible for the administrative and financial part as well as relations with suppliers.

Carlos Portillo

Mechanical Engineer.

Sigolène Verley

Public Relation.

Gastón Sanmiguel