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Assembly Tutorial

Assembly Leather Mudguards Tutorial

Wheel Replacement Tutorial

Torque Sensor Installation Tutorial


Assembly Tutorial


Assembly Tutorial


Assembly Tutorial

Rear Rack Installation Tutorial


Assembly Tutorial

Rear Rack Installation Tutorial


Assembly Tutorial

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How to connect


Assembly Tutorial
Assembly Leather Mudguards Tutorial
Wheel Replacement Tutorial
Torque Sensor Installation Tutorial


Assembly Tutorial


Assembly Tutorial


How to connect


Rayvolt bikes are heavily built in order to last a long time and remain as collectible items for the years to come. However, being a very complex item, some maintenance has to be done and some warranties are expected.

Rayvolt Bike warranty is granted solely and exclusively to the original owner of the bicycle and is not transferable to subsequent owners. For any warranty request to be admitted, the bicycle must be taken to a Rayvolt Authorized Dealer on the same continent in which the bicycle has been purchased accompanied by the original invoice.

The bicycle must be assembled, reasonably clean and intact and be accompanied by the original dated proof of sale of the bicycle (make sure the receipt and invoice is kept in a safe place). This Rayvolt Bike warranty is void if the bicycle is subject to abuse, neglect, improper repair, improper assembly, lack of proper maintenance, alteration, modification, installation of incompatible parts, corrosion, accidents or other abnormal jobs.

This limited warranty is void if the bicycle is used within the scope of a rental or shared bicycle program.

Each warranty claim should be from Rayvolt Support website. Shop will make a claim that will be sent to Rayvolt Bike and the distributor. Within 48 hours the claim will be answered to the shop and distributor.

The claim will remain open until it is accepted as solved by the shop.

Each claim should have all proof of defect by means of photo or video showing clearly the serial number and the defect of the bike.

How long does the coverage last?
· Two years warranty for the bicycle frame. The Rayvolt Bike warranty covers defects in material and workmanship of the frame, the rigid fork, the fork and the original components of each new Rayvolt Bike. This warranty is only applicable to bicycles and frames purchased new from an authorized Rayvolt Bike distributor and that have been assembled by the company at the time of purchase.
· Two years warranty for the motor, battery and electrical parts. Rayvolt Bike recommends to save the batteries in a place with a temperature between 15 and 25 celsius degrees as well as charge it minimum every three months.
The controller which is basically the only part of the motor that could show an issue is easily removed from the motor if needed to be changed.
· One year warranty for parts and components. Consumables such as Brake pads, tires, inner tubes are not covered in warranty unless a clear manufacturing problem is shown. In order for the warranty to be easily handled, Rayvolt used generic bike components that could easily be replaced from any bike shop.
Damage caused by normal wear, including the consequences of fatigue, is not covered. The owner is responsible for regular inspection and proper maintenance of his bicycle.
What does this warranty not cover?

The Rayvolt Bike warranty does not cover:

· Normal wear and tear in parts such as covers, chains, plates, brakes, cables and pinions in situations where there are no assembly or material defects.

· Bikes whose maintenance or repair is performed by people who are not authorized Rayvolt distributors or improper maintenance.

· The modifications with respect to the original state.

· The installation of components, parts or accessories not originally designed for, or compatible with the bicycle sold.

· The labor costs for replacement or exchange.

· Damage or defects due to accidents, misuse, abuse or neglect.

· Rayvolt Bike will not pay any shipping fees to any warranty, but will pay for its return to customer.

Warranty Form

How does the IRBS charge?

The Intelligent Regenerative Brake System charges the battery deactivating the motor energy and using the motor resistance as a dynamo to generate energy back to the battery. This value is controlled from the EIVA App. If the bike has Std Battery and Power Hub, you must set the IRBS ratio under 20 to prevent safety shutdown due to potential overcharge.

Can I connect my bike with IOS and Android?

Yes, it is possible using EIVA App (available in App Store and Google Play) and the feature of Bluetooth connection.

Which size of frame should I choose?

Rayvolt recommends, for Cruzer, M size from 1,50 m to 1,75 m height and L size for more than 1,75 m height. The rest of the bikes are recommended for a minimum of 1,70 m height.

What is the difference between Smart Hub and Power Hub?

The Smart Hub has 250 W, a comfortable response to plane areas and low inclination slopes. The Power Hub has 1000 W and it is prepared to be used for long travels and steep slopes.

What is the difference between Battery Std and Battery Dual?

The Std Batter is optimized to be used with Smart Hub and has 60 km of autonomy in one charge using Pedal Assist System (IPAS).

The Dual Battery is optimized to be used with Power Hub and has 80 km of autonomy in one charge using IPAS.

The Std Battery combined with Power Hub has 40 km of autonomy using IPAS. The Dual Battery combined with Smart Hub has 120 km of autonomy.

Where can I purchase a Rayvolt e-bike?

Our bikes can be purchased in our web You can also find you nearest distributors and contact data.

What features have the Rayvolt Bikes got?

The Rayvolt Bikes counts with the ultimate technology. They includes a Intelligent Pedal Assist System (IPAS) that measures the torque applied to the pedals as well as the crank rotary speed that provides a perfectly smooth power reducing the user muscle activity. The Intelligent Regenerative Brake System (IRBS) converts the torque into resistance using the wheel inertia to generate electricity and recharge the batteries. This features can be controlled and set up with EIVA App.

The bikes has been created according to the standardized norm EN15194. Depending on your country laws, you can modify the motor vehicle use.

What should I do if I have any trouble with my bike?

In case you have any problem or doubt, contact your nearest distributor, or go to the Support Sheet here

How can I contact with the Rayvolt team?

You can contact your direct distributor or store, or get in touch with us by email (, phone call (+34 933 569 901) or visiting our office in Barcelona, Spain (Carrer de Montcada, 1, local, Barcelona, 08003)

Which is my nearest distributor?

You can consult your nearest distributor data at in the distributors section at the bottom of the homepage.

Where can I find information about technical specifications?

Ou can consult the tech features of the bikes in the technology page at or take a look at the bottom of the bikes pages.

What are the measurements of the bikes?

The sizes can oscillate depending on the bike model:

Cruzer L: 2165 x 1030 x 720 mm

Cruzer M: 1990 x 990 x 720 mm

Torino: 1770 x 1050 x 680 mm

Ambassador: 1770 x 1000 x 700 mm

Beachin’: 2020 x 1150 x 800 mm

Clubman: 2000 x 1010 x 680 mm

What warranty do the bikes have?

It depends on the components, please, consult the Warranty Entrance at the Support Page

To which countries does Rayvolt export?

You can consult this information in the distributors section, at the map here. If you can not find a dealer or distributor in your country, please, contact with us at

How can I assemble my bike?

You can check the Assembly Videos in the Videotutorials section here, or, in the backside of your “welcome letter” you will find an assemble manual (in the pedal box you can also find a multitool to help you assemble the bike).

What is the return policy?

Check out our Return Policy for more details (LINK).

How much does shipping cost for a country without distributor?

Check with us at to consult the shipping cost. All custom charges and taxes will be on your own account.

Which method of payment can I use?

You can pay with credit card, PayPal (depending on the country) or money transfer. For any specific distributor, please, check directly with them.

What post sale services does Rayvolt offer?

Rayvolt offers a Support Contact inside our website. Furthermore our distributors network is prepared and trained to solve any problem or question you have.

What I should do if I have any technical doubt?

You can consult any technical doubt at our Support page here. Here you can find manuals and technical specifications. If you prefer you can also contact us at or